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I’m Brianna, I am 26 years old with a passion for health, happiness, and well-being. I’m a Holistic Health Coach and a recent graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

I grew up in Minnesota but I escaped the cold and now live in Los Angeles, CA with my sweet fluffy cat, Nora. I have been a plant-based vegan for 3 years.

My interests include: yoga, traveling, running, laying in the sun at the beach, hiking, and eating mangoes. I am a huge advocate for living a vibrant, happy life.

I believe it’s so important to do what makes you happy in life. After all this life is short. So take risks. Step out of your comfort zone. Stop worrying about what others think. Explore the universe. Make your dreams a reality.



One life. Just one.

Why aren't we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?


How plants healed me

I believe everything is interconnected. We are holistic beings. Our health is intertwined with physical, mental, and emotional components. I did not always have a healthy mindset or live a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with mental illness from the age of 14 after the death of my brother. I had insomnia and took sleeping pills all throughout my high school years. I had no idea how to deal with trauma and the emotions I was experiencing. I started drinking alcohol when I was 15. I turned to dating to feel valued and appreciated. I also had poor body image and many emotional insecurities. I worried so much what others thought about me. My diet mainly consisted of processed food and animal products. I didn’t know what healthy eating was.

At the age of 23 I was struggling with depression, had low energy, was unhappy with my life and relationships, I was working a job I wasn’t passionate about, and lacked direction in my life. In the spring of 2016 I discovered plant based eating through a series of events and through watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives”. I decided to remove animal products from my life and try plant based eating. Something amazing happened: plants began to heal my body and my mind.

After just 6 weeks on a plant based diet I saw my depression diminishing, my sleep improving, and my energy levels increasing. I spent the following months researching plant based nutrition and animal agriculture. From there, my plant based diet evolved into a vegan lifestyle which centers around compassion for all beings. I had never felt healthier or happier in my entire life. Not only was my skin was glowing and my eyes beaming, but a spiritual shift happened within me. I had a peace that I’d never experienced. I felt in tune with the universe. My mind was clearer and as well as my conscience. I felt at peace with myself due to no longer contributing to unnecessary violence.

I began to see value in my life again. I started exploring my passions and discovered that I was lit up by studying natural health and the healing powers of plants. I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone around me. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in March 2018 and began my holistic nutrition program. I embarked on a journey of self discovery and further healing. I learned that health wasn’t just about eating well and exercising. I realized happiness was just as important. I realized that toxic relationships were detrimental to health and wellbeing. I began to evaluate literally every area of my life.

I assessed my dreams and what I wanted my life to look like and I started taking consistent action. I started seeing a therapist to remedy my mental health and childhood trauma. I cut off a toxic relationship that had been holding me back. I implemented a plan to quit my day job and start my own business. I made plans to move to the West Coast, which I had dreamt about for years. I looked fear in the face and decided to just go for it. When I stopped seeing myself as small and stepped out in courage, abundance came to me— beautiful relationships, opportunities, and experiences.

I am now feeling more aligned with my purpose than ever before. I feel vibrant and alive. I am excited for what the future holds. I am so eager to inspire others to live abundant, healthy, happy lives. You are worthy of living a life that brings you joy. I am full of gratitude for this journey and my health. And it all started with plants.

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